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MCT - Myeloma Clinical Trials LLC
445 Park Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, NY, 10022
Tel: 1-212-634-7914

Terms & Conditions: Every patient is unique and needs personalized approach to formulate the best possible treatment plan.  All posts are for information purpose only and not intended to provide medical care. © 2022 "Myeloma Clinical Trials"

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The passion to pursue excellence in treatment of Myeloma.


  • To provide a seamless source of information for patients all around the world to learn more about the disease, treatment options, and answers to frequently asked questions that arise during this journey and to empower patients and family members with knowledge through trusted sources in their fight against cancer.

  • To provide a useful resource for community oncologists involved in treating Myeloma patients to formulate Data Driven Individualized Treatment plans for patients, aiming for longer remissions, and turning remissions into cure.

  • To work in collaboration with Myeloma community organizations towards one common goal: CURE MYELOMA

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