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NCT00734877: UARK 2013-13, Total Therapy 4B - Formerly 2008-01 - A Phase III Trial for Low Risk Myel

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Toward improving the therapeutic index of standard TT3 (S-TT3), the investigators will employ a randomized Phase III trial design to determine whether S-TT3 treatment-related toxicities can be reduced by 50% in TT3-Lite (L-TT3).Note: Randomization has been discontinued and accrual is closed to the L-TT3 arm. This trial is currently enrolling as a single-arm trial for patients to receive S-TT3. Identifier: NCT00734877


Chemotherapy Regimen: M-VTD-PACE vs TT3-LITE Regimen (L-TT3)

Drugs used:

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