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NCT03657251: MMRF CureCloud Research Initiative

Updated: Feb 10

  • NCT03657251: MMRF CureCloud Research Initiative

MMRF CureCloud Research Initiative




MMRF CureCloud Research Initiative

Observational Study

The MMRF CureCloud Research Initiative, a Direct-to-Patient Research effort aimed at enrolling 5,000 individuals from whom comprehensive molecular and immune analyses will be generated from blood specimens and the resulting data aggregated with the correlating clinical information. Blood will be collected from all participants after electronic online consenting via a mailed blood kit designed for a mobile phlebotomy appointment. Through the consenting process, participants will also be authorizing linkage to their electronic medical records information.

Sponsor:Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Genetic: liquid biopsy Identifier: NCT03657251

Official Title: The MMRF CureCloud Multiple Myeloma Research Initiative

First Posted : September 5, 2018

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Patients that have been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, or one of its precursor conditions to share their clinical information and blood samples to help scientists and researchers understand these conditions better.

The study will use submitted blood samples to perform comprehensive research that will include, among others, genomic and immune characterization, as well as collect past and present medical records to combine and compare with the blood sample analysis.


Welcome to the MMRF CureCloud!

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

NCT01454297: MMRF CoMMpass Study in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma - (CoMMpass)


United States, Massachusetts

- Massachusetts: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Cancer Center Boston



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