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NCT02546167: Phase 1 - CART-BCMA Cells for Multiple Myeloma

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

NCT02546167: Phase 1 - CART-BCMA Cells for Multiple Myeloma


Open-label, single-center, pilot study to assess the safety and feasibility of infusion of autologous T cells expressing BCMA (B-cell maturation antigen)-specific chimeric antigen receptors with tandem TCR and 4-1BB costimulatory domains (referred to as CART-BCMA ) in adult patients with multiple myeloma (MM). CART-BCMA cells will be given as a split dose intravenous infusion over 3 days. The duration of active intervention and monitoring is approximately 2 years.

Sponsor: University of Pennsylvania Identifier: NCT02546167

Pilot Study Of Redirected Autologous T Cells Engineered To Contain an Anti-BCMA scFv Coupled To TCRζ And 4-1BB Signaling Domains in Patients With Relapsed and/or Refractory Multiple Myeloma

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CART - BCMA : National Cancer Institute

autologous anti-BCMA-CAR-TCRz/4-1BB-expressing T lymphocytes CART-BCMA

autologous BCMA 4-1BBz CAR T cells CART-BCMA